Meeting with death



What is death?

Did you ever met it?

I did several times

and every time I ask myself:


What is death?

The body dies,

the eyes loose their gloss

and you know:

The soul left the body.


Do you believe in an everlasting soul?

That all souls are still there?

Watching us, knowing and remembering

all about us,

taking care of us?

Waiting for their rebirth?

I do!


Did you ever had to decide whether life or death?

When would you choose death?

If you chose death, did you ever repent this decision?

I had to choose very often and I never repent it.

I chose death when life got unworthy.


How would you explain death to your children?

Long sleep? Better life?

Living in the sky or maybe hell?


Are you afraid of the death?

I am not.

For me I know dying doesn´t hurt

It sets your soul free for a new life without pain.

Now you are free.


All these thoughts don´t make it easier to handle death.

It always hurts but last you know:

It relieves the soul.



10-26-04 - al-kudaira




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