roaming the night

listening to the silence

relaxing, feeling the nature

watching the sky


feeling weithless

the horse walks on

it trusts you

like you trust them

a very special friendship

you feel secure


the full moon smiles at you

thousand little stars wink

enjoying the gentle wind

the water of a stream ripples quite near


clearing your mind

not being afraid of:

being hurt

hurting without intention

showing emotions

being yourself


the sun rises

colours the nature

birds twitter

a farmer passes your way


turning around

riding back to the stable

unsaddle the horse

"Thank you my friend"

be careful and put on your mask

Your back to the world of the humans.



12-14-04 - al-kudaira



Copyright(c) 2005 Al Kudaira / B.Gesell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.