Goodbye my friend



we knew each other

since we were young

a visit of you

was always fun


each time you were here

to say "goodbye"

"I will travell around

for a while"


Last time you spent

a few days

before you left

again this place


You said "goodbye,

we´ll meet again

When I´ll be back

there is sun, no rain"


You went to your car

and drove away

In that moment I knew:

We´ll never meet again!


Tears in my eyes

I went inside

thinking of you

hoping that I was not right


One day I came home

opened the door

your sisters were here

at my home


I saw them, said nothing

just turned around

went out of the house

didn´t hear a sound


You died without asking me,

without saying goodbye

Í am so angry, so sad!

I was so right!


It´s a long time ago

that you were here

but I will always remember you

that´s clear...







Copyright(c) 2005 Al Kudaira / B.Gesell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.