Like a Grain of Wheat



Santo Now, Santo Now, Santo Now

Even before his lifeless form

We demand more

Our loneliness laid bare


“Be not afraid” he told us

But we will not let go

We worship his corpse

But do not heed his message


So many years he guided

A pillar of faith and morality

Quietly tearing down walls and confronting empires

But now his time to rest.


The mourning over – emptiness reigns.

And from paradise his sorrow abounds

For he chastises his flock with the words of The Saint

“Did Johannes Paulus then die for you – No”


But fear not good Karol

For like a grain of wheat that must fall and die

Your message will yield much

We will look to our chest and not be afraid.


He hangs there on our chest – the Precious One

Arms open in welcome

He guided you, He will guide Joseph

Spiritual orphans no more



by Martin Connell



Copyright(c) 2005 Martin Connell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.