Hidden love





Hidden Love



It lies dormant there.

Hidden in my heart but firmly ensconced

Only revealing itself

In silence or when abandoned.


It grows with each passing day

With each dawn over the Pacific

And each brilliant Dusk over the Indian

I watch in admiration.


From the terrible silence of the desert

To the roar of the MCG

Waking to the call of the Kookaburra

The blazing skies on a warm, clear night.


Every town with a racecourse at it’s heart

Every pub with it’s larrikin

It’s people forgotten – dumped

But carving a way of life in paradise


I walk in her dry heart

On her lush coastal fringes

But has she forgiven us our errors

Terra Nullius was a lie and we profit.


Forgiveness – Maybe

Regardless we must love her

And right our wrongs

And protect her terrible beauty.


My love for my country is immense – surprising.

The land or the people?

Both. For we are now one.

And we delight in and we repulse one another


I travel to other lands – other people.

I respect and I try to understand

But my lover is jealous

And she calls to me across the seas.


Return to my shores

Let me surround you once more in my warmth.

For I am diminished without you

And you are lost without me.




by Martin Connell



Copyright(c) 2005 Martin Connell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.