I knew the day would come,

but that it would be tonight,

I didn´t know, so...

this is for you: Laura´s mom


Your daughter told me

you would be ill

the cancer caught you

first... hope still...

but then: Oh no!

You´ll have to go


All loving people visited you

the pain inside your eyes they saw

but also a smile on your face

you tried to be so brave.

Seemed not to be afraid of leaving

at least you gave them this feeling


Last night it took you by the hand

"Life on earth now has to end"

You stood the pain, you were so brave

and all the love on earth you gave

will make you stay alive forever


Now you are free...


02-26-05 - al-kudaira


Laura a 12 year old girl. She often visits me at the weekends and I grew up with her dad, uncles, aunt, grandma, grandpa......



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