The Soul of...




The Soul of German Engeneering


World renowned, famous, infamous.

It is German engineering.

The masters of perfection and standards

This model was no exception.


Carefully sculpted and presented

Attention given to details

The body attired in the latest fine upholstery

Though unnecessarily so.


A lesson to us culturally suspect folk

Boasting efficient multi-linguality

Confident and modestly superior

Surely German engineering cannot fail


But we of the far southern land

We misunderstand

And it is the eyes that tell us so.

The eyes reveal an engineering flaw we did not expect.


We see them now these blazing, defiant windows.

Not just for sight, for observation

These eyes they weep, and these eyes they laugh.

They delight in their offspring and they seduce.


And this body – this body is flawed.

For it has felt and it does feel pain

And it has felt and it does feel pleasure

And ultimately it will fail.


So now we understand.

This is the soul of German Engineering

Our cold, distant perception was wrong

This soul is far more human than we had thought.



by Martin Connell


Copyright(c) 2005 Martin Connell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.