Unseen Letter






Unseen Letter



We met in the net and got kind of friends, every email made me smile, eack talk I enjoyed.


" follow your intuition " someone told me once...

To follow my intuition means that you are someone special.

But you disappeared, so I worry about you.

What happend? Are you doing well?

Where are you my friend?


" 99 % is fiction " someone told me once...

I can´t get this out of my mind.

Are you a fiction too? Are you not real?

Didn´t you tell the truth?


" don´t trust anybody " I often tell myself...

I started trusting you and now that it´s been so long since

we talked, it hurts not to know how you are or whether I´m right or wrong.

Maybe you would laugh at me if you would know that there´s not

one day I don´t think of you.

Even the thought you might have been not honest hurts and makes me cry sometimes...


" You brighten my day " you told me once...

I should have told you this too. But I was afraid of telling you.

Now I wish I would have said it.


I want you back! I miss talking with you!

But all I can do is waiting for you to appear one day again...



03-30-2005 - al-kudaira





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