The walnut...






The walnut tree



I went for a walk

with my dog

through the forrest

no time to rest

I have to be at home on time

to meet a friend named Ryan


on a clearing all alone

a walnut tree grows very strong

I watched the clock

relased the dog

lean against the tree

feeling so free


The tree so strong

the branches long

its leaves so green

a green I´ve never seen


Touch the bark

feel the marks

it´s rough and hard

protects it from the start


a gentle breeze

moves the leaves

hear the lullaby of nature

this is a real capture


smell the air

from the trees hair

the odour of it

fresh and sweet a bit


the nuts light brown

one fall down

I pick it up

and make it up

taste the sweet insinde

.... ooops it´s almost night!


I should go home

Call the dog, it stops to roam...


But someone whispers in my ear:

"Stay just a minute longer here"

I turned around, nobody there

but I heard it, that´s clear!

I stayed longer a minute or two

don´t know why, no clue

a star seems to wink

a little blink....


Put the dog on the lead

back to the path, just a few feet

on my way back home

I met two huntsman, they roam

"Hello, good day, where have you been?

Lucky you, you haven´t been around

just caught a dog, very ill...

aggressive you know... Rabies!



02-28-05 - al-kudaira




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