I feel so close to you

knowing you being far away

would like to see you stay

you always brighten my day


everytime you leave

I start missing you

you became a part of my life

so I try to be brave


talking to you clears my mind

daily routine gets infinitely small

makes me feel relaxed and fine

free from space and time


let me take a deep breath

let me lean against your shoulder

only in my thoughts

this has to be enough


You make me feel

being someone special

You make me feel

not being alone


touch my soul

touch my heart

like you always do

I am proud of you

being my friend

and in the end

I hope you feel so too...



02-11-05 - al-kudaira




Copyright(c) 2005 Al Kudaira / B.Gesell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.