Sitting on a meadow

surrounded by high mountains

with large trees


A small river finds its way through the valley,

ends in a blue glittering lake


Birds twitter, flying around merrily,

telling their story


Dear eat near te river,

enjoying the fresh grass


the sun comes up,

sends its first sunbeams through the trees,

let them dance on the water


bees flyling around, busy with collecting,

taking care of their queen


many little midge dance above the water

in the first sunbeams


the last dewdrops evaporate

and a bit fog comes up


the light blue sky is reflected by the lake

let the water look clear blue....


Why can´t life be that peaceful ?



11-29-04 - al-kudaira




Copyright(c) 2005 Al Kudaira / B.Gesell. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.